Manager (Paper Chaser Association)

Deborah Hyppolite

She started managing DvffleBvg Ruggv and realized that she could become an independent label. Deborah built a family empire independent record label in March of 2019. She is working hard on NEW GENERATION Rap Artists and supporting their dreams. She started Paper Chaser Association, because of an upcoming artist DvffleBvg Ruggv. His passion for writing and recording his own lyrics has inspired her passion in the music industry.She has great management and networking skills and will be beneficial to Paper Chaser Association and to her Artists. Currently she is enrolled at Strayer University, online obtaining her Bachelors in Business Administration. 


Instagram: @DvffleBvg

Twitter: DvffleBvg @DvffleBvgRuggv

Facebook FanPage: Dvfflebvg Ruggv @DvfflebvgRuggv

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